Our Process

Complete a simple online application, get same-day approval, and receive between $10,000 and $250,000 by the next business day. No snail mail. No hidden fees. No hassle.

Fuel your growth

You are free to use the proceeds of the sale as you see fit to strengthen your business—buy inventory, purchase materials, hire additional staff or cover expenses. Fill out one quick application with some basic information. Once approved, we’ll wire the funds to your business bank account and set up automatic payments. Think of it like us purchasing a portion of your future sales today to fuel your growth tomorrow. You keep total control—no equity, collateral, hidden fees, or compound interest.

Easy, fast, and secure process

Apply online

Take a few minutes to fill out our simple and secure online application.

Lightning-fast approval

You’ll be approved and presented with a funding offer, typically, on the same day!

Accept an offer, get funded!

After signing our agreement, we’ll wire the funds to your business account within 24 hours, sometimes even the same day!

Prepare for liftoff!

Use your funds to grow your business into the stratosphere.

What can I do with my funds?

There are no limits to what you can do with your funds for your business. Take your marketing strategy to the next level, hire that new manager, stock on inventory, purchase that piece of equipment, or open a new location.

Fintegra vs Loans and lines of credit

Fast, easy and flexible funding process.

Pre-payment discounts.

We never ask for personal collateral.

Integrity, transparency, no hidden fees. You know, things that actually matter.


Lengthy process that requires near-perfect credit.

Pre-payment penalties.

 Loans are secured by an asset.

Suspicion, red-tape, lack of confidence in your own ability to run your own business.